Er...Gee...shy moment, I came make up witty things about other people but when it comes to myself I have not a clue what to say O_o.... Hmm
"Apache TomCat"

The Path to Insanity As I loose grip Tainted Thoughts; Tainted Reality The Inner Mind I think
My Suicidal High No thought for Wars; No chaotic uproars I couldn't help but notice your pain Only me What about me?
Are you feeling me now? When Inspiration stopped loving me Eyes shut, Eyes closed The drains Incomplete
Ecstasy Promise me there'll be a morning Narcotic Widespread (In Memory) Ricochet Broken Mirror
Soaking within Incomplete Forever my child; Forever Against The wall Broken Crayons
Save me - Version two The Long Narrow Path I repent I'd kill you
Each drop of blood To Satan my life I give it Murder time wrote As Always We are
The Way (I love you) The Worst Part of you Nothing to lose, everything to give in Phases in time Avoiding