So I came up with this a passage of endless thought. . . my idea
The design for my life so I get to steer
To clutch the wheel firmly and slam on the breaks; no-oh! no need, no need to fear;
Heh; laugh hunny its oh so funny!
To end it all; donít worry you donít have to understand
All I want is to feel my life drain like facking
Each drop of blood splattering when lands; Another curse to the grassland
I hope your viewing you got a good view, I paid for the grandstand.
But I got fucking second hand

See all I really wanna do is cry as I beg for my life, as I beg all I wanna do is die;
Welcome to the thoughts of me, loose yourself in my suicidal high
No sense save the expense just donít try itís a lost cause
So go quick-see help another sapless venue
See the bloods escaping now; through the wounds their gaping now hear the applause
My tongue itís falling into the back of my throat constricting our hope, you wouldnít believe that Iím actually choking on the words youíre smoking
On your love its choking me
Why wont you just believe!
Youíre a fucking twat to see; if I ever knew you Iíd bring death to be

The crack of the window, its my head; thick as lead but far from indestructible as the force hits;
I fly so high; my super fly to die, its my only thought to die
The glass shatters; my body bruises
No more this is the finale; the end of this cruise
And now the time is here; the time is due
Its the time, to loose the sucidal high
To stop these wheels and pull from drive, its now down to you; the forensics to tell how, Mr. Pc Plod to tell now
Time to break the bad news
I never could live without you; and so I die with you

  If only I knew, If only I had a friggin clue
As you stand around me, my body coloured blue
In the grave you built now its due
Say your prays to a god who never existed; cry your tears for a person you helped get wasted
Amuse yourself as you pretend to be stranded over the person branded a vision you called clouded.  Every day the young boys heart pleaded-donít care donít listen just another idea splattered not that it ever matters.
Chase after the other cruisers