I sit on this meagre excuse for a couch
The pains screaming as Iím dealing all that can be made is a feeble ouch
I can stare for hours; I can stare in denial but this is something I can vouch
When my gaze meets yours,
When my ears feel the faint snores
No thought for wars, No thought of chaotic uproars
Just a one way straight; one way passage of innocence seen through your open store.
24/7 unlocked door, a golden plated floor and a promise of forever more.
Thereís something about all of this I just canít ignore
Could you?

Each and every time my eyes grip everything that is offered from your eyes
I know I feel like I can now touch skies
An instant high; now this riverís never and wonít ever be dry
Bringing a genuine smile despite your asleep; this well needed shuteye
I no longer feel the need to die
Everything thatís held inside is warmed by this one try.
I donít have to pretend; I donít need to live a lie.
Its you who has me smiling; its your who stops me
Stopping this world seem so puzzling
No such word as confuzzling
This is the life that you could outsmart
You got me smiling from that side of my heart
The side judged as eternally dark