We are handed life
And with it comes strife
Reality . . . Tainted
Pain . . . Created
Death . . . Hated
Suffering . . . Contemplated


  The reality is what we hold
Into our fingers it molds
Words often untold
The realities for one another to uphold
Tainted ;
When pure becomes mixed
Reality’s a small boys delusions
Mixed within illusion
Never quite reaching the
final conclusion

  Never an end
Forever held to suspend
Forever put to contend
Never a thought to comprehend

TaintEd ThougHtz
My realIty they hAunt
Tainted REality no tAunt

  My tainted Reality you exist
Well beyond that of a
thoughtful mist
I feel without jest
No shame to confess
Spawning no mess

  A Tainted Thought, My Tainted Reality.