Iíve come to realize many years to see how
but itís always been there always before now,
just how my words can fly;
tip-toe to reach so high,
each word makes a piece of pie, you wanna taste it?
Donít be to hasty to waste it,
a talent misplaced I agree,
in a boy only a disgrace to the race,
either way you have the love;
even if its lovers hate
you placed me in this race to give out a million words per second,
the respect is something earnt I reckon,
these lyrics your checking over so intently
itís the dream you leant me,
as you scroll and search for the meaning in this shit Iím dealing
emotions fading through, as the letters begin peeling,
sky open wide sending the rain;
no pain no gain,
but the rain thatís healing this day,
always needing something to say, always needing something in my mind as Iím seeking streaking round this maze
Iím peeking through to find something new its way over due.

  Iíll never mind shit. Each poke each shit,
One day Iíll find it.
Iíll have you to heal through the emotionís deal,
I am for real yea

I am for real, not a pretender
despite Iím a contender for your emotion as I write these flows,
the delusional son, son of a woman,
love given; love gone,
a dream of heaven,
sun glistens sparkling through the summer fountain
my appreciation only heightening,
grief and pain tightening
but I believe theyíll be light again
until then Iíll keep entertaining your lives,
each moment in time,
stimulating your mind
so I can take you to heights
in the rhythm of flight,
but I believe you can do it alone so try as you might
join me tonight;
if your feeling it then thereís your invite
if your not; forget it, drop it skip it and let go your just to old
and age has nothing to do with this; youíll just never know this hit,
never be a part of this shit,
wonít even have the right to knock this, take the easy option and quit.

  I never mind shit. Each poke each hit. I have you and everybody knows it, every time I show this, I donít have to write your nameís, as always I indirect explain, this speeding train, distancing us; yes my life it maims but I wonít complain if each every time you hear my mind in this piece of time,
you guard me and never harm me;
Always keen to know why when and how
never a fear to feel the cold snow
But tell me

Are you feeling me now?