And then I awoke…
Here again,
Memory evoking how
My fingers curled around the pen, shaking and trembling
My head lowered to the paper, eye’s scrolling what was unfolding;
Spidery writing was the best I could managed, fluent poetic sense in the making
I, to be king
In the afterlife furthering
My life
Far from the field of strife
Surrounded by scorching flames, narcotic untamed, pleasure in pain just as I like
Taking and giving what I might
You’re a coward if you quit the fight
But something like this seems incredibly credibly right
Fuck this life, the pain and muscle’s going maimed, the torture unbearable to contain
Intoxicated memory not gained,
Take it all into trade
Sealed with a full stop and silent flicker of flame
Lost the strain
Born of God’s true love
Lost the pain
Born of Jesus true slain
Lost the mundane
Born of Holy spirit
To Satan, my life, I give it…