You said I was crazy?
Yet I see things with no blurry purple Haze?
Nor do I live my life through a sparkling crystal maze?
Yet, I
m held within her spiraling Daze
m crazy because I love?
Cherish for she
s from above?
Soft as a dove?
Tight as glove?
Forever needing and wanting?
Wishing and feeling?
No physical touch but tender healing?
My heart pulling and squealing?
Coughing and wheezing
Each layer of my skin  a delicate peeling
Burnt from the love my hearts dealing.
If that
s crazy
Then I
m indeed hazy
Certainly dazed. Definitely crazed
Then I must be then on the path to insanity
If insanity is what this is, its far from a curse to my humanity
And so I ask to Insanity
Take me with my heart full and my hands empty
Hold me in your immortality
Caress  the temple which houses my brain
For I am truly insane.