Droplets of water blur my vision as I stare in my mirror
I really wish I couldnít hear
But these eyes talk so loud; all they do is peer
They tell me Iím this close and at the same time nowhere near
Itís the mist that is only just becoming clear
Theyíve stared for so long at where I should be, and thatís just the top of the veneer
They just forgot to let my heart and hands steer
Now Iím left emerging from the mist,
Intoxicated to gain my only bliss

They say
Look into the eyes of an adult or child, only just expired
I say
No sense of exhaustion, bitter sweet rest, tell me they arenít tired
Fading colour in skin, shrinking weight left thin, a thought; desire
Natural death, drunk on Mephz, bottle left head high, hung on a telephone wire
Mankind spawn of thought left many waysís to retire,
Just the haunt
All before nineteenís chase of hunt  

Invisible force passed as my breath without remorse
Swirling as itís contained between my jaws, there is no other course
The downward trail begun by the droplets of water; finger off pause
Visions fading, the blur raiding sight, desperation to reach the raising floor
Laced eyelids longing to put up the shutters, release never more
Shoulders lifting, resisting the weight of burden, falling, just futile attempts to set ashore

Each different sensation of feeling leaves me mesmerized
Itís never seen in this detachment through a stare, aloof, all in the eyes
Though theyíre welcome, a different setting anything which changes the despise
Water droplets shimmering images of the sunrise
Burdening warmth, no fear of lies
Growing in suspension of redemption through the nights
The myth of a holy light, savoir for I to fight  

A vision once granted on self believe, now clouded-;
Lost and shrouded
Inside oneís beautiful mind the mazes left crowded
Security over powered
A gaze conveying intense light, bright enough alone to stand a tower
Lost in the passage of time; scoured
Seduce by lifeís whore  
The water droplets fell, shimmering a reflection no more