I wish. . . I wish I could tell you how I feel, and just sometimes what I think, because then weíll truly be one.

Itís never done,

Right from the start

All I feel is this gun; stomach weak Iím about to run,
This is it, thatís all youíve had your fun, after this I promise,
Iíll be honest and never pull the suit of the notorious con artist
If I have to beg and sleep in a nearby forest, to this world pretend Iím a novice
When I know more about life then olí baker Norris.
The wisest bloke on the block always goes straight home to avoid the chaos that roams
Heís just never known, known an easy life to call his own, all his cash spend on phones;
Long distant calls to Rome,
To call his first daughter whoís mother took off with a million dollar man and built her second home while heís far from home living alone,
If she could only hear his moanís as cries late a night, wishing heíd done what's right, right but wrong his morals to strong, give a dog a bone and heíll run give Norris a gun and heíll call the guys in blue,
He just didnít, ever never, will have a clue;
What if maybe he does, he has to many?
But heís still cold alone at night watching waiting and counting each penny Contemplating without an explanation why in life we are discriminated against, building a 10 ft wall around our homes, and then call it defence;
Life just another expense,
Die from a heart attack at the age of thirty from the stress to tense
Now we all wear his shirt.
Blood stains; painís game every body hurts to much in this chaotic rush you pass by as life, just another fake ass joke, like the joke of a man
Still without a wife, still building strife, this is not game this is his life
So watch where your throwing haters fire
This just another J-hype, My lyrical conspirtual type but you donít wanna hear it tho

I wish I could tell you just how I feel; instead of falling into these indirect spirals
Just why must I live in denial, constantly put these feelings to the juryís trial . . .
Why canít I tell you my loves like the River Nile
Instead of drowning with nothing more then a soft howl
If I stretched my hand out to you; would your offer me a towel?
Or are you here with me; only floating higher, you need to know my feelings are dire
I say I donít believe in love donít worry Iím the first to call myself a liar
God only knows if Norris could walk higher; heíd stopped being so tired
So tired best believe he tried, he keeps trying every time falling and resulting crawling
Sick of these boxes heís hauling as he works his nine to five, just to get by, desiring the high life but heís stuck in living his low life
To worked up, surrounded in his field of strife; this is his life

  And he tries so hard , knowing heís retarded, saying excuse me and pardon after ever sneeze and farted heís so crazy always dazy but still has his heart unlike me after this shits returned to the start so you can here me quote
Someone who told me English canít rap; So now what do you make of this?
A fuckiní dance tap?
Maybe itís just poetry, itís in the way it flows you see
Tippa tap tap tap tippa dee
It must simply be just me
How dark can these hallways be
I donít need to be free, living in this hallway, locked in the doorway
Dreaming of the freeway, driving after midnight on the one, two three
Hello Itís only me.
Only Jídy
Still only me