My heartís just a stationery object
Todayís itís moving, Iím wondering if itís gone yet
I know itís alive, I feel the strike of pain Iím a little just stagnant
Do you know this never-ending journeyís of this train?
How the river flows into slow waves of pain
Attacking the banks as it rises, knowing full well they canít contain
I never bought this ticket, it shouldnít read ďOne way trip to Satanís DomainĒ

  My headís free and always falling
With the stationery object itís brawling
Iím in love itís calling, the otherís screaming itís fucking appalling
They both have their ways to find you all the more adoring
I just canít think right now they are to busy, their both boxing
I can see that Iím blind, just leave me in your intoxication
I donít care that Iím ďYour Victim of  exploitationĒ

   My bodyís stiff and constantly shaking
My head summarizes everything, could you have been faking
My heartís still going strong, itís fight back, my head must be just mistaking
How can it be so strong through all this bleeding, I feel it aching
Ask me what the fuck is wrong with me? Thought pending
Iíll stay sane, when Iím in pain, scream not fuck you too, just hear me screaming
I love you ďIím your heart to be breakingĒ