I closed my eyes
The pain brought
The pain felt
And Unkind
The world held in rhyme
Through the ancient times
The cold close pressed to my spine
The feelings intertwined
Why must there be thought within my aching mind
Push back to push out
Yet still closing
Holding and moulding.
Enclosing the inner thought
The inner mind.

The inner thought
Though it cannot be bought
A battle often fought
Cannot even be taught
Twisted and exploited
Lusted over and courted
Yet bore’s no price
Increasing the entice
But still no gain,
Except mental strain
Of what the mind contains

  The sensation of pain
Comes from life as drain
The Dark corners
Filled with mourners
Not prepared for the leaving
Forced to eternal grieving.
A life with a sting
Explanation no more then a thing.
Sorrows born from a king
King of Sorrows
Which path to follow?
Hearts fading hollow
Maybe it’ll be Tomorrow
They’ll flush the drains.
And break these chains.