Iíll set the scene
White winding halls, and a little something from the horror movie Scream
Eerie music mixed into the chilling atmosphere
A strict sense of poetry, or maybe Iíve read to much Shakespeare
So lets get back to whatís in here
I killed the lights, they brought the pain to my eyes or so it seemed
I was wrong everythingís still here in darkness, I still feel the screaming
Maybe itís my daydream; undreamed
I think maybe Iím going crazy
please show me some mercy

I feel the bitter cold even though the radiators on full heat
Sixty-two beats a minute, not a beat felt; no beat
Somethingís missing and itís not right itís making me feel so incomplete
I canít close my eyes to sleep I canít find the strength to eat
There are only so many thoughts of you that my mind can take,
Always more emotions for my heart to make
I think Iím going crazy maybe I had already gone
I jusí know itís been to long

  The white bowlís filled with white stale milk
The black fountain penís leaking the black precious ink
Combine the two and you have a sick twisted drink
Or maybe thatís one Iíll have to rethink
Whatever, I can feel the oxygen shrink
The thick cloud of polluting smoke stealing my air
I canít help it, I can only stare through the mist and contemplate why your not here
Well, Iíve been doing that for years now itís become part of my career
I really think itís been to long
I donít know how Iíve carried on

  The fizzle of the Television
Nothing but background noise if I bothered to listen
The flicking light caught my eye glisten
Itís becoming too strong, now you know Iím missing
But you could never know what vision Iím
Emotionís covering everything with a delicate lacing
Maybe itís just something Iím creating
My lost contemplating, only I know the explanation
Still I canít move from this dark mansion
Iíve trapped myself in my thoughts expansion
I feel itís real, but they tell me itís fiction
Maybe this is my conviction
And maybe Iím going through withdrawal from my addiction
And so it is written

I am Smitten