I do not repent my sins,
and to God you my take my soul.
For I am human,
and I have lived,
I have loved,
and I loosed.
Bring thy soul in front of thy lord,
bring thy soul in front of Jesus,
bring thy to stand, facing the Holy Spirit,
I stand in front of all of three,
and this is what I say to thee
“I shall not repent thy sins,
these wrongs are what have made the right,
to fall, to know I have stood in a different place,
to stumble to know when I stabilize my gaze is in a different direction.
I live a life of exploration into truths,
not doubting all as false,
to see beyond the tree’s,
whilst not seeing any father than,
to have tried even when the odds of me failing were higher,
to back down, knowing when my case was not true.
What more of a life would you of wished for me
In these darkening times,
I followed my heart
The emotion you gave me from a child
To this I was never false
Can you know persecute me
For being true to you
And true to thy self
I do not repent thy sins”