I love to close my eyes
Pretend that I can really fly
If not then build a fire
To feel warmth just once this month
To have you hold me, to have you mold me
The Slim Shady rhyme folds me
Nicholas Cage just acts the plot
Yet it's Angelina Joliee that just hits the spot
But I love the love I've got
That makes me real hot,
Yes it's Sara ^_~ a fake actress notů
No room to be phoney Your real, 
Everything felt within rhyme sealed
Keep your eyes peeled
To the music the thoughts shield
I hate Nysnc and Justin Timberlake
And the rest of all that's fake
Legolas Roll on us lass a new task,
Get rid of the Rings
And only then will I be king
The only one to shine or sing..