Get your hands out of your pockets and turn against the wall
They keep speaking, but you know you can't take anymore
Voices preach the Promised Land, without forgetting the gore

Forgotten so much what to reach for
What can you ask for?
Have you even the strength to find the trapdoor
I just don't know no more..

I'm looking
I'm looking
I'm looking
I'm looking
I'm looking

Waiting for something to run for
When I get it I'm going soar
Until then my will just have to be sore

Lean against the wall for support knowing you'd rather collapse on the floor
Your alright, it's okay, they don't know your soulís been sent to hell's core
Wanted so much to be left alone, now you need life's whore..

I can't see
No way, NO WAY
This black clouds here to stay
Only to stay
Tell it I don't want to play
As we say
As we say
You ainít worth nothing, J..

They scream you need a psychiatrist
While only silence exists
Extension of the myth
The thoughts are plentiful in your mist
The lights are always out darkness always wants a kiss
Your body's just a blood cyst
Go on
Do it
You know you want to see it
The voices they just persist
There's no way to co-exist
Take a knife to your wrist
It'll save you
Everything will be okay, how can you resist
If I could just slash and re-sit
I'll never be missed
Would I
Would you...

Pause to cry..
Let the tears slide
Scream at my grave,
Only if you'd given in to your humanity tonight
And leant onto someone else, let them aid your flight
Strength enough to fuel your fight
Skin was just too tight

So the chances are
That I might
Do it right
They'll be suicide tonight...

. . .

Then you open your eyes
Your still against the wall, the voices still advise

Do you
Do I
Where's my life..