Ever had those moments where you just donít know,
Lost and cold and just dying to know
Needing just that someone to hold, to stop loosing control,
To peel the flesh from your body and hold everything inside of you,
oh so close and so damn intimate,
So knowing you could
That you could give all, would leave all,
But it just doesnít matter now; how little by little the dreams to tall.
I only ever see this in thought
I thought I found it, I thought I found you,
Then Iím spun around and youíre far behind me,
Girl, your still inside of me,
Tearing me down inside of me, moving all over all around inside of me.
As I cry,
As I fall,
As I bang my head against the wall,

I just ask myself why am I really here.

I want to hate you; I want to label you,
Despise you and criticize you,
And all I do is keep finding myself
Finding myself still mesmerized by you,
Itís no easier that you left; its worse, and this curse has only gotten greater,
Iím the worldís hater, and not a single damn things gotten fainter.
And I feel like carrying this all, just a pathetic bearer,
Just another one losing to evil;
No God no D-vil,
Just a vessel
Its time to panic, this time itís a collision course,
Every force is a tragedy endorsed by feelings all but without remorse
Its not the iceberg were about to hit
Thatíd already been submerged
Feel the fire feel and it burn and the steam it creates only helps the surge, a definite urge
To reach its final purge
All silence and nothing to be heard

You only had that invisible touch, so deep by much,
that touched reached through to me, that only turned and hit me,
A tough crunch a violent punch
Would you pretend it didnít hurt, attempt to even subvert,
I just canít avert like this, not like that,
Your to hard to dismiss, it hurts so to miss
Do you now feel your heart cry?
And all movement just die?
I wouldnít be surprised
If you did not
Just to cover the feelings that I still believe in you, still burning hot.
To hide just how pathetic I feel
To live a dream, where we were never real.