Twisting in my hand, the metals bright glimmer
Only a suicidal trigger, that you know Iíll soon figure
All this pain rages and swirls into some bigger
But there just isnít anything more I can give her
Maybe thatís the final push to end my life, condone myself to slaughter
Her parents must be happy,  so proud sheís their daughter
Maybe if I die Iíll return to haunt her
I bare no thought of bringing her fear, I wouldnít dream to taunt her

  Pressing the knife deeper, the point tilted down
Closing my eyes and waiting, my thoughts swirling around
Itís so hard to understand
Why I was taken to this point and still no one lends a hand
Itíll be tomorrow when you pick up your paper from the newsstand
Flickering through the morgue section,
My name
Your eyes
Itís to late for a resurrection
Ainít this now just a reflection
And what you did; no action.

  A single gasp for air
Iím wondering if your still here
I canít feel you near
Itís cutting through, I feel the slicing of the veneer
My life is in my hands now, this is my course of steer
Itís a path not easily taken, one I know you fear
But the pain lessens as the time grows near
A minute in time to think of those you hold dear
Yeah and every five seconds the oneís who laughed and sneered.

  The final slash
Swift enough to break glass
All thoughts shattering none of that mattering
Hopes and dreams scattering your back to being flat again
My headís hurting the same, though Iím feeling deranged
Every feeling and thought Iíd contained
Happens to be seeping from these slit veins
Iím still happy to not sit and complain
I can see my flowing life down the drains
Iím still happy to not sit and complain
I see my life down the drains
Thereís nothing left to feel paÖ.