Sometimes you wait forever
Sometimes you make forever
And just sometimes
We are forever
Eternal in our blood!
Passed down from the start of childhood!
Father to son
Mother to daughter
From adult to child
And there’s something I want to pass onto you
My daughter, my son…
My next life, the life I give to you
Delicately laced under each emotion
I will be
Through the misery and the pain
Temptation and strain
Pleasure and love
I will be
May you be
Every good as the good of me
And every good in the bad I was
Learn how to win where I lost
Know that the heart is the strongest strength you’ve got
Be lead not in to temptation
Follow each dream at an alarming rate
Never once let someone stop you
Not once, to negotiate
Remember my child
That it’s never to late
Things will always be misplaced
Changed, loved and in time shown to be a disgrace
Human fault makes it our fate,
that they’ll always be hate
For each other’s race
But loose not the race
Of life,
Beside me today or night
they’ll always be a place