I fight you from the inside
On the inside
Always on the inside
God fuckiní damn youÖ
Take it away, you from me, me from you
You is I, and Iím me,
Iím really lost within
Cut them off, to stop giving!
Secret un-schemed signs of sickness begin to start
Your having a laugh
But Iím not laughingÖ
Itís so funny
But I just donít get it,
And no amount of money
Can make you as stunning, as your thoughts
Your thoughts
Uh huh
There only here to haunt
Pull you down with their glamorous taunts
Going down below the belt and underneath
Concealing the words they dealt
They canít hear what you felt
The hard-on misplaced
Only recognize when itís time for your eyes to melt
Aroused to disgrace
Encrypted and coded the classic case
They isnít no space
Space to think real,
No memory trace
All the strength they take
Your playing fake,
Tell the truth
Your no longer safe in your imaginary place
Uh huh
It was your fault
All yours
Left them hanging
Dangling from the noose
Left them Ďem abused
It could have been you
You knew it all
You could of stopped their fall
Close your eyes
I know your despise
Uh huh
You canít criticize
Iím here to stay forever
And ever
Not a day after,
To fickle, you can severe
Never endeavor
affaire d'honneur
You go behind honor
I do Armageddon
Just as you want, Deaden
My state of mind
I know your fucking kind
Uh huh,
I know the next God damn lineÖ
After taking the time
To go back through MY time
Jog my memory remind me
Creep up behind me!
Unwind me
Leave me blind to see
Too confined to be free
Arms are heavy knees
Tolerable to a degree
Thereís no you without me,
and me
without E
Theyíre still tolerable to a degree
Drop the seed
Water itís need
Stroke over itís plead
Maybe then, just then
You wonít get a weed
A Blackwood tree
No poison pea
If only you and I,
You is I, and Iím me,
Iím really lost within
Could see
That the grief Iím living
My temple
I got to make it go away
Canít be here to stay
See these times
They never change
Adding more pain
More fucking deranged
In the end
It doesnít seem so strange
To be leaving
In vain
To slit these veinsí