The long narrow path
Leading to the light after death
From side to side
The valley of rest
The final end to our adventurer’s quest
Laden on his chest, a badge of honour from the day’s he met
He was the one to transgress

The long narrow path
Side to side
Rest the two’s who died
Surrounded by those now who cry
Sorrow lingers, and so mounts pride
Knowing she died in believing what was right
She was the one to leave nothing untried

The long narrow path
Row after Row
Remising on the name’s I now know
I hold the grief to them that I never show
Though time fades, and make’s it long ago
And we are forced to forgo
She was the one who told
Love in time only grows
To soften the hatred which will arose
She was the English Rose

The long narrow path
Valley of rest
No shadows here fall
Warmth in the dead of night
Rest my fallen knights
I take heed of your flight
Rest my fallen dame
You are one of the same
And with me you remain
Sweet English Rose