I couldn’t help but notice your pain, that your life only seem to resemble a drain,
Easy to block from the constant grow of strain, this theory of life is all to plain;
And always the same; in time you loose a need for a name
You stepped but its only later do you realize you stopped playing this game - - - -of life
And it just won’t ever never be the same as you walk through this field of strife
Held tight to your chest, fingers growing stiff everything surrounding this bloody knife
Look up to those said to be higher, with words they could only desire so they turn and blow their hating fire;
Branding you another lowlife
While you promised you was only living the highlife.
Each rejection; waiting for the next one, these weapons are to be lacked by none; easily over done.
But it comes down to it when you know your heart is all gone, and affection thoughts are no longer none, when you know the road but its just to long and your begin to be to tired to write your life in song, and you finally realize your life is worth less then nought
 It just leaves me thinking’ something hard brought
A vision of your corpse; tagged along a million sick thoughts.