Take me back with you
To the alabaster, forest of creation
Donít leave me lost
In this baron wasteland
With no one around
(No one)
With everyone disguising themselves
Just to be
Somebody else
Escaping their formidable mind
With their formidable challenge
Just to be
To be more like you
(More like you)
And less like me
(Less like me)

Within me
I seem to fall
And I canít physically stand
To mentally moon walk
Through it all,
any more, 
And I swear for the last time
This will be the last time

slowly into the depth of my haunting imagination
the sacrificial demon inside of me
Satan a outside of me
against the darkness shrouding me
to my desperation

(Iím becoming me
and all I want
Is to be more like you
Just like them
And not like me)