And the thoughts just keep running through my head…
What if I did, was it me?
That left you for dead...
If only I
Took you by the hand,
Took you to the promise land,
Towards the light you will be led

  Narcotic widespread
Vision turned blood red
To many words left unsaid

  I crawled into myself instead
From the world you bled
Where was I?
No-where near that night
I should have been, just to aid your fight
Transition into the wind under your flight
A stable journey through this dark light
Your life
Writ of right
Take back what is yours from iniquity’s vice

  Narcotic widespread
Letting you out again
When you wished it would never-end
From the new found height you descend
Priorities changed
Soon, please end
Unleashing the dragon for it to mend
Keeps you coming back it’s your best friend
Without it, things would never be the same

  Now it doesn’t seem so strange
This Drugs revenge
You put it to and end
But they came back around again
To finish off the stain
Turn into something that forever would remain
No mortal life could contain
Leaving you with few options…
Give in and feed the strain
Just for another day without the lusting pain

  Narcotic Widespread
It was to save your head
Left you dead instead
A disease in which you bled
To many words left unsaid


Every step I tread,
I move and you’ve never left,
You’re here with me after death…
I dream you’ve obtained your rest..
That wherever you are is the best
Know that in my heart is where Is where I keep you addressed
I won’t ever be afraid to confess
My expression

In peace you rest…