This hatred burns, over and over it fuckiní churns
I should of known, I should of learned
Love ainít nothing power,
So we can build our tower, hour by hour
Thoughts only you and I can desire,
A steady hand no nerves of a liar
Oh thatí be dire.. thatíd stop us growing higher
Thatíd bring this fuckiní fire
You enjoy draining me like a vampire?
Fire fire fire fuckiní hellfire

Eyes closed, eyes shut, squinted
Denying all thought, denying all expression so these features redirect from hinted
While everything inside lays scattered and dinted
Itís the pain this curse inflicted
I canít help it Iím addicted
Iím falling Iím falling
Why canít I wake up, Kitty when will it be morning,
There never was any warning.

I tried it, I just canít donít want to stop
Itís tearing through my soul, itís burning
Squeezingí and choking coughing a faint murmur
Tensing my muscles to hold them firmer
But I just wonít stop shaking.. nothings getting calmer
And the tickís just get louder on the bedroom timer
And I  know itís so easy to pick it up and toss it for acreís
To rid myself of time
But Iíll remember its 4.59
And I canít get you off my mind.