The swelling makes me nauseous
The bruising makes my next strike cautious
But nothing relieves me more then when the force hits
The sweating chill pushing out its rushing thrill as your arm commits
The provoking tensionís something hypnotic
Each decline of life spirals a adoring pattern something must be erotic
I endure the sensationís collapsing mount along my stomach
Subconscious misplaced, knuckles a bloodied disgrace, itís from there I plummet

  Throbbing groans pulsed from the victim
The refusal accepting the strength didnít matter I could sense him waiting for the one
The gelatinous juices sprayed thick
The pleasure or pain decision was up to him
But the undulating waves of bliss arenít easily something kept within
Thereís not anything else that can assemble my feeling to make me this living
The subliminal ambienceís magnetism is affecting me, itís grasping me, but I canít discontinue now, I canít stop giving

  I know I would breathe my last breath in this eternal instant
The vibrations fertile, I learnt how to know I would soon be pregnant
The Birth will put me out of my misery, but not yet just making the melancholy stagnant
The spectatorís sport, tongue in their eyes was their disguise but their thought is absent
Short epoch in time passes, pain lapses, I feel each aching appendage reverent
The atmosphereís scorching and steamy, ecstasyís flame, this couldnít be heaven sent

  Thereís no separation between us; the victim and I
The exotic sexual ecstasyís fighting alive
As I thrash with hostile against you in hope I fall make the blood traverse dive
Itís getting easier the opening easier through this pain I survive
The clandestine yearning I rap myself to brutal to death and I die
The day earlier than that I ride firm, rocking on this satisfaction with my fighters highz..