Lonely rivers flow.. to the sea
to the open arms of the sea.
Wait for me, I'll be coming back...
Wait for me. He claimed in such confidence 
She thought, She was to let him go...
Let him go if she loved him so...
At the moment of release she knew,
so far apart their love had grew.
How she hungered for his touch,
but how time could do so much...
As time passed he would find comfort in the arms of another,
how this tore and shattered her loving-soul...the site of his favourite thing was a bother.
She needed his love,
For she reminded herself of the poem he had written,
The one of the soft white dove.
How could the feeling so strong...
Turn to not belong?
Their song played over and over in her head
feeling as though her hopes and wishes were dead
sadly she bowed her head...
her body trembling in the hour of her final thought
No one recognizing she was distrought...
she layed herself down to sleep...
her mind telling her that she was not to weep
for she longs for his touch...
the wanting became too much
the deep pain in her eyes,
the long-since broken ties
she remembered all his lies
all the fears through the times
So you would figure,
that she wouldn't care...
That she wouldnt dream even to dare
take the one step from the never-ending stair
down through memories endless spiral she turned
trying to forget for what she had yearned
yet she couldn't remember from this lesson she had learned
darker and darker in her mind she had seemed to have turned
she stopped as she found a light
although it wasnt attractively bright...
She thought she saw her sight...
she reached for it....it was so close in her grasp
then she watched as it all slipped away...
forever in her heart, will he stay.