Every human flashes, anytime when you feel that certain emotion, you change it immediately. Happiness to anger, hatred to lust, it eats at you changing your whole reality distorting it until your schizophrenic part comes alive. It compels you all around to do the things your normally couldn’t and the things that you know that you wouldn’t, but it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes and most times it comes to the addiction, the need, the lusting for the knowledge you don’t really know until it distorts your world until you try to get off. The obsessions force you to dream of thing that purposely aid into your distortion of the world. When this happens it may soon be over. Lusting turns to the guilt and the guilt leads to your depression. The rejection of the many does not hurt as much as the rejection of the one.

The one that you may say that you love, but do not truly know for sure. If you get lucky in life and death you are truly married, if not you’ve wasted your time, pending in life that may as well just be ended.