The region held a soft ambiance of warmth to those accepting the shady light, a form of affection held steady on the miraculous cliff top. The light rays of sunshine penetrated the cliffs, sparkling reflected within the soft moisture that held in droplet formation, balanced upon the evergreen slick strands of grass. Sections of the ground held a slight dampening consequence to the soil, transitioning to mud, harvesting an ideal place for such insects.
Upon the cliffs top lays a delicate modus operandi bench, completed with warmest of woods. Off to the side of the bench from the ground sprouts a bottle green coloured stem, reaching a reasonable flower height, decorated with rich crimson rose petals; often succumbing to the winds weight, bowing to the physical force. The tresses of grass hanging over the cliffs edge held the full consequence of the winds presence, a constant low flicker. Frequently the wind dislodged small clusters of stone and soil. Pulled into a graceful spiraling sensation slicing thinly through the air bouncing of the cliffs ledge half way down...Many memories; silent echoes curling from the tip of the winds tongue as it slicing the air, whispering in its discourse; death, sorrow, and pain, transitioning against the opposites love, joy and happiness. Tale by tale is told from the contravening soil as sections and parts pull from the compound; making less of a burden for gravity to cater for as the story unfolds to the ears of the winds. The final plunge came as the compound touches ground, hitting the water below with a silent splash. The water caved to the penetrating force countering with splashes curling high around the source of impact in an incensed rage; sunlight sliced through the transparent layer illuminating the flickering water; glistening reflections of its contiguous locale. These moments could last forever in the stillness of time, smoothness of motion, no chaotic commotion. The only indentation of time was in the passing shade; the sun passed the silhouette of a near lighthouse, the shadow effortlessly crossed the waters folding without resistance to tides ripples. Intercepting the shimmering luminosity drawing a curtain over the erotic fantasy of the hostile splashes. The splashes crashed down against itself surrounded by these streaks of water.
Perusing the plummeting rock, folding completely against itself sending the water into furious frenzies. The brutal waters flouting the intruder instantly; tiny flecks of soil spiraling to the surface.  Decomposing underneath the force of the waves, rippling completely absorbed…fading into nothing.
Shadows and dust.