Chapter One: Trouble

He walked through the door and up the stairs to the top of the dark West Tower. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black shirt, and a black leather trench coat unbuttoned, inside his trench coat was his Elemental sword, which harnessed his powers given to him and his Axe which he called Bitter because of its edges left either a bitter looking scar on the remaining enemy flesh or it left the dead corpse in a rip and puddle of the enemy’s own blood.

          His name was Kallamadia, but Kall for short, he was a man from a now wasteland planet called Plaktar, but raised on a woodland planet by the name of Tyria. That he was ripped away from because of a war from another family called the Kabel’s they were mostly all wizards and evil sorcerers. If they weren’t involved with their normal wizardry they experimented with poisons not ever imaginable.

          As he approached the top of the tower there were only but a few people there, but the only person he was paying attention to, be a woman sitting on the windowsill at the top of the tower. He walked over to her with an odd, yet interesting look on his face. He nodded his head politely and said, “Hello, I am Kallamadia,” the woman smiled slightly and nodded back “Hello” she said back, “I am Lady-Kitana Morroque.”

          She was a red haired woman with many weapons and much armor on her, seeing as how she was an assassin and a bodyguard for yet another woman named Alandria, who was standing by the fireplace awaiting her husband Kael.

          He watched her silently playing with her dagger and the wooden frame around the window. His eyes were glowing a dark blue, but that was normal of his people when they either were fighting and angry, or just simple like a human’s shy blush. They shook hands and then he turned to Alandria, who still yet was a stranger to him “Hello I am Kallamadia, is something troubling you M’lady?” he said in a sweet and calm low voice. Alandria just shook her head “Hello to you too, I’m waiting for my love, Kael,” Then she looked up to him and flinched back in a small fright “What is wrong with your eyes?” she said in a bit of a weary voice.  He shrugged and replied, “Oh, they do that from time to time, mostly when I am either mad or in battle”, Kitana winced at the sound of the word battle, she immediately got up from the window sill “So are you a warrior of the sort?” she asked curiously. He looked back to Kitana slightly staring blankly at her. Kitana looked at him and waved her hands around his face trying to get him out what looked to her as a small trans. “Would you like to spar with me?” she said hoping to get some action. “Sure” he replied as he pulled out his Elemental Sword. She smiled wildly and nodded “Do you know where the arena is, or has no one extended the warm welcome of the Keep?” she asked. “This is the first building I’ve been inside in a long time, I mostly travel from here to there on my own living off anything I may hunt and sell in small trading villages” he replied “Would you like to show me around before we spar?” she smiled widely “Of course.”

          They walked around and approached the Garden. Kall went over to a bed of thorny roses then looked back to Lady-Kitana “Follow me I’ll show you to the Forest now, I don’t exactly like it here,” she said. He shrugged and followed her out of the garden. They arrived into the forest and she turned to him “This is the most fun place to meet new people you can hide in these trees and see things and people coming and going,” she said. Kall walked up to a tree and began to climb it; Kitana watched closely and just sighed and leaned against it. Kall came to a large branch with even a larger one there with a thick load of leaves good for being under for shade. Kall looked down at her and pulled out a small orange book and a pen, and started slowly writing in it. Kitana looked and watched him write with a bit of a curious look on her face, “What are you writing?” she asked. He smiled twisting words into his book and replied, “Stories, poems, songs anything that really just comes to my head.” Kitana frowned slightly seeming a bit angered because of her fast state of boredom for not yet fighting.

          Kitana folded her arms and looked up at Kall, who was still yet sitting on the branch writing. He closed the book and Kitana smiled “So your finally done and ready to go to the arena or would you still care for me to give you a tour?” she stated rather cockishly. He nodded and smiled slightly “I am done, there is still places to see?” he replied. She got off the tree as Kall came down, “Well there is the Pub, the east tower, and the courtyard,” said Kitana. “Well” Kall said “How about the courtyard, then the pub, the east tower is probably the same as the west, am I right in assuming that?” “You are indeed,” Kitana stated. Kall walked over to Kitana and grabbed her hand “Here I’ll show you a faster way there, can you see the pub from here?” he asked softly. She pointed in the courtyard showing him the slight corner of the Pub showing a small sign that wrote Pub of the Tainted Sun. He raised his hand closing her eyes and suddenly disappeared in an evanescent form.

          Lady-Kitana drew out her bastard sword slowly and stood in the center of the arena catching her breath from running to the arena with Kallamadia. He ran in and looked at her then to her sword, “I see you’re blunt with sparring” he stated boldly. She twirled her sword in her hands and tapped her foot “Are you ready?” she asked eagerly. He pulled out his Elemental Sword and nodded “Yes, I am ready” he said anticipating a direct move already. “I warn you that you may not win, I am Alandria’s bodyguard,” she said smiling. He spun his sword around and said, “I was an assassin for the longest time Malady, I went through bodyguards all the time”. As soon as he was done speaking Kitana lunged at his side for she knew that he couldn’t fit not even the smallest amount of chain mail under he trench coat. Kall jumped into the air and swung his sword at her back, but Kitana rolled on the sandy ground as soon as she missed and saw him jump and swing. She immediately uncovered a small dagger and threw it at him as his back was turned as he landed. Kall turned and saw the dagger fly right to his face he caught it quickly, but sliced his palm open. He paid no attention to the throbbing pain in his now sliced hand. His eyes still glowing a dark blue suddenly lightened up and turned a brighter blue. He swung his sword and fired the large fireball at her. Kitana swung he bastard sword and hit the fireball with a great amount of wind and immediately put the flame out.

          Kitana gained her breath slowly and Kall looked at her with soft eyes

          A man dressed in green appeared in the stands of the arena right under the sun watching immensely. He found the spar very interesting. Kallamadia looked at the man not paying any attention to Kitana, who was swinging at Kall again. He turned back to Kitana as her sword ran through his left side. She jumped back and looked at his side, which was now bleeding heavily. Kall looked at his side and held it gently as the flesh began to come back together without the slightest scab. Kitana’s eyes widened as she watched “What the,” she said surprised. Kallamadia looked at her, ”My body regenerates itself, as long as I still have my brain and heart, I live.” She sheathed her sword “Does that mean you’re immortal?” she asked curiously. “No, I live just like you I can die by old age more or less,” he replied as he placed his sword back into his trench coat. The man shouted to Kall “I shall make my arms kill you.” Kitana looked at Kall curiously and said, “Who’s that Kall?” Kall shrugged “No clue, looks like a wizard from the one color and attire.” The man came down to the center arena and took his cloak and hood off revealing his white hair and silverish eyes. “I am Cornarius of Kabel, you killed me I kill you now” he said rather calmly pulling a long old gnarled staff from his cloak. Kall pulled out his axe, but as soon as his axe was out and as he was about to swing at him Cornarius was gone in an evanescent form.

          Laughter was heard high above them, but Cornarius was nowhere to be found. Then suddenly from the West Tower was an ice beam shot right at Kallamadia. Kallamadia waved his hand firing three fireballs at the ice beam to make it melt before it hit him. The ice melted and fell like rain upon him and Lady-Kitana. “You must go Kitana” he said. Lady-Kitana nodded “I shall see you later, oh yes and you may call me Kit for short” she said as he walked to the Pub outside of the garden.

Kallamadia jumped into the air and moved his hands down, then a burst of wind came to his aid and he came right though the tower’s window. He gazed at Cornarius as Cornarius gazed at him studying him carefully. He twirled his axe in his hand watching the wizard closely. Cornarius grinned widely and popped a few small blades out of his staff. Cornarius swung at him fierce and quickly. Kall swung his axe and as he was in the middle of a swing the staff and a few blades punctured his right arm. Cornarius laughed wickedly and said to Kall “If you kill me, like you killed my mother this poison now introduced to your body will make you forget everything about this even who you really are like now.” Kall wiped off some of his blood from his arm and rubbed it onto his axe and then swung at Cornarius yelling.

Cornarius at this time was backing up slowly and barely evading each attack from Kall. Then Kall swung across Cornarius’ chest and sliced it wide open then swung again completely removing his left arm. Cornarius grabbed the window frame barely holding himself up, within his own bloody mess as the red, thin blood began to pour out his arm from the few veins that were still yet dangeling from his arm. Kall looked at him as his eyes still glowed blue, then dropping his axe he picked up the evil wizard and leaned him over the window glaring closely into his eyes, “Who is your mother and who are you?” he commanded. “You’ll find out soon enough I’m Cornarius of the Family enemy to you Kabel my sister is Soyla,” he replied, then took his staff and slashed the remaining blades at his arm, which was a hold of his foot so he wouldn’t fall. Kall let go, evading the blades and dropped him 76 feet, which was as high as the tower window was from the ground. The only sounds that were heard was his screaming then a loud bang as his body hit the ground from a tremendous momentum. He walked over and picked up his axe then continued down the stairs and over to the corpse of Cornarius, placing his axe into his trench coat and pulling out his Elemental Sword. “So much for killing me right now huh?” was all Kall said about the small fight. He took one and only one slash at his throat and decapitated him. Kall laughed rather manically while heading out and to the Pub. Kallamadia walked down the stairs and across the garden and stopped for a second to grab a small flower.          Charging though the door of the pub he looked around closely hoping to find Kitana, who was actually nowhere in the Pub to be found. A man was sitting on the other end of the Pub and he slightly nodded to Kall. Kall walked over to him and asked “Do you know of a woman named Lady-Kitana, I am to meet her here.” The man nodded again and replied, “You fight rather well, I just watched your whole battle, and I would like to ask you a question first, If I may?” Kall sighed and got slightly frustrated with the odd man and asked rather snotty, “And what is your name?” The man took off his hood and removed his cloak, ”I am King Steele from the kingdom of Mystara, who are you? and I would like to ask you to become a knight in my kingdom, why, with your skills and my power you’ll be my right hand in a under-kingdom soon enough.” He nodded “I guess, my name is Kallamadia I was born on the planet Plaktar but raised in a home on the planet of Tyria. I need the money and for the time being it gives me a more permanent roof under my head, sure” They walked out and 20 miles is quite the far way to walk. They approached a large mountain and a huge silver castle set a top it. “This is Steele Castle, established in 1456, so you realize yes the castle is made of silver, this castle is well older than I.” Kall scratched his head slightly “I’m mostly a traveler, and have lost track of the years, what year is this?” he asked rather worryingly. Steele slightly chuckled and replied “Why it is September 26, 2286, why do you sound so worried about the year?” Kall sighed and chuckled “Well that means that I’m 23 by human years I was born on the human day of August 18, 2263.” They walked on the drawbridge and through the gates, then they past through the courtyard and into the Main hall. Lord Steele sat on his thrown and yelled “Knights, come to the Main hall.” Five knights came into the hall “Knights please introduce yourself to our new knight Kallamadia.” The knight on the left far end of Kall walked up to him and shook his hand while saying, “I am Sir Kaleb first knight under Lord Steele, following to your left down the line is Sir Crimson Rain, Sir Hellstone, Sir Sunfane, and Eien” Lord Steele looked at Kall and motioned him to kneel “You still wish to become a knight?” was all Steele said as Kall nodded a slight yes. Lord Steele pulled out his Long Sword and motioned it on his shoulders “I dove the Kallamadia of Mystara, rise and join the rest of the knights of Mystara,” Kall was now a knight of Mystara. Crimson Rain walked over to Kall and said “Follow me I shall take you to your quarters.” Kall followed as Crimson Rain led the way to the Knights hall of quarters. Crimson Rain walked to the end of the hall and turned to Kall “This is your quarters when you walk in there will be a stair case leading to a small tower for you its windows are only facing the courtyard. The bed is right by the door to the left and on the right will be a dresser for you to store all of your belongings. I shall be in the Main hall if you need me the others will be where Lord Steele appoints them.” Crimson Rain walked back to the Main hall where he was to guard Lord Steele. Kall walked into the room and flopped himself on the bed then left a heavy sight hoping that life would be a lot easier now with him living in a room and with a job of the sort.


Chapter 3: Night Eyes

The temperature dropped as the moon crept into the sky, it was red and to Kall was called “The Blood Moon.” Kall got off the bed and stumbled once for he had just gotten up from a small nap. He walked to the top of his small tower and watched the people in the courtyard around a fire. They were not old people, just people who were mostly dirty and with a hard life, most of them being hunters and small farmers, who could only grow but a few vegetables. Kall walked down the stairs and out of his quarters and down into the Main hall. Kall was curious about the people in the courtyard and walked into the courtyard and stood far enough away from them so that he could hear them, but could not be seen. He listened closely as the people were all huddled around the campfire as they were telling stories about ancestors from long ago. He walked out of the castle and back into the Keep. He walked into the Pub, for it was a place that he so very enjoyed. Many people were there including Alandria and Kael, who were casually making out. Kall walked over to the bar and reached over to grab a fairly large bottle of whiskey. Kall turned and walked over to a table where he sat alone.

          A few drinks Kall came to the conclusion that he must find out what the wizard was talking about, but by that time the poison in his body was taking over. Scratching his he couldn’t remember what happened yesterday, he dropped on the floor and began to feel a large pain in his head that felt like the slow ripping of paper. Blood was draining from his mouth, ears, and nose as he began to forget everything. He ran out of the Pub and into the garden still bleeding. Not paying attention to the other woman who was also there he began to chant quietly saying “Sulda cormur lepta quazo” Looking down realizing he did not have a knife to finish the spell he stumbled over to a very thick bush of thorny roses. Rolling around being pricked all over he kept chanting louder and louder until a bright neon green light appeared around him and he was healed. He stood from the bed of thorny roses as the woman, who was sitting on a bench watching the whole time turned into a wolf and ran over to him and bit him hard and deep. Kall fell to the ground and as he began to passout from the continous loss of blood the woman stood over him “Trust me you’ll feel better once you’ve had this, but you must take it in at least 24 hours or you’ll be like you will” The woman disappeared in a flash, but as she was leaving him she gave him a vile. Not realizing, and because of the venoms in the woman’s teeth he through the vile and it shattered on the very bench she was sitting on.

          The next morning Kall woke up to find his body fully repaired of scaring. Through the tunnel and into the Arena he entered. He kneeled on his knees in the center of the Arena meditating.

          Out of the tunnel, about ten mintues after Kall arrived came a giant Orc running a full charge at Kall. Kall felt the rumble on the ground from the 60ft. Orc and dodged out of the way bumping into yet another person running in chasing the Orc. Kall stood up and brushed off some dirt from his trench coat “What is all of this?” The man came in “He is attacking everyone he hates humans and vampires and attacked my family he must be killed.”