It was a night that began like any other, Dani, Rocky, Zeth and Gemeni were all enjoying themselves in their local, yes, a night like any other…

            “Yo Rocky!” shouts Dani across the crowded room, “That was some sweet meal dude, never knew you cooked so well!” A reasonably tall, red haired man turns slowly, a small smile on his face, as he speaks, the slightest hint of a Spanish accent can be detected, “Heh, it’s all in the preparation Dani.” Dani and Gem move quietly over to a booth in the corner of the room to “talk”, the young couple perhaps enjoying themselves more than anyone else in the room, Zeth, a saiya-jin male of about six feet in height has had a few too many whisky shots and is dancing on the bar and Rocky, well, he’s just being Rocky, standing somewhere pondering the world around him, indeed, a night like any other…

            The door swings open violently and there stands a drenched Copperbright, she hurries inside and over to her beloved Rocky, she embraces him as soon as she is within reach and begins to cry, “What’s wrong honey?” he holds her and seems troubled by her tears, she looks into his eyes, tears streaming slowly down her smooth face, “Oh Rocky, it was terrible, these men in armour tried to hurt me and Jared, we managed to escape but I’m afraid of what they might’ve done to our house”… He holds her head gently to him and she weeps some more into his chest.

            Dani’s elfin ears prick up and he slowly stands, pulling away from Gem, “Sounds like you got some trouble there Rocky” he flicks a stray strand of his black hair out of his face so that his scar over his right eye can clearly be seen, not that he intended it this way, “These armoured guys, where they strong?” a serious look of concern crosses his face and stays there.

            Rocky turns his head sharply, his face even sterner than Dani’s, “Dani, I know we’re friends but please, stay out of this, it’s our fight and I don’t want anyone else getting hurt”, Dani goes down on his haunches in a corner across from them mumbling something that sounds like “Well as far as I can make out, no ones been hurt yet, she did say that her and Jared got away” he sighs and Rocky turns to him again, slightly less serious, “You know Dani, sighing’s bad for you health…”

            “Yeah well, I’m helping weather you like it or not Rocky”, “Me to” comes the reply from the fair faced, fair haired vampire Gemeni, “Yeah <hic> Me to” shouts Zeth who somehow during the commotion, fell off the bar.

            The group stand, all looking quite confident and serious, what started as just another normal night in the keep has ended up in a search for Copperbright’s assailants, then again, is there any such thing as a normal night in the keep??

Our intrepid group of unlikely heroes and heroines stride off into the dark, rainy night.