Tasting the drug,
Moon-shadowed lights,
Hot tasting sweetness,
On finger tip breezes.
Solitude without,
Solitude within.
Reasons for dying,
None for the living.

  Watch from without,
Ghost of the living,
Clinging to the vine,
Of their life giving force.
Taking or giving,
The power is mine.
Tasting the drug,
The sweetness of life.

  Unfinished time,
Mine for the giving.
Master or servant,
Teacher or childe.
Still mine to give,
Mine to take.
Shall I take what is yours ?
Or leave you tonight.

  Temptation is much,
Redemption is low.
Who cares what you think?
Not I
Caressing and holding,
The drug that is you.
Fog bonded mind
Swirling, intoxicating you

  Will blending, mind twining,
Pulse taking, life giving.
Bare skinned.
Innocence taken, and given,
Altered yet unaltered
Born to the night.