I returned to the Garden of Love
Still bothered by the couples and the doves
Red roses still as beautiful as the sunset
My friend nods and puts his hand on the fret
He begins to play his guitar with a soft tune

  I look around as I was shortly blinded by a light
Fell to the ground, the big light was bright
I suddenly found myself in a foggy alley almost out of breath
Each inhale and exhale closer to my death
Only one person crying, I don’t even know her
Could barely see her cause everything’s a blur
She just stood out from the rest
Even though she was crying I wondered why
Another flash now I’m surrounded by many
There she was again and then…”Hi I’m Tiffany”
My heart dropped at her lovely sight
Only thought “Finally something good from the light”
Then suddenly in an evanescent form all vanished
From the Garden of Love myself I banished
Never to return to the tortures with its gates
I continue my journey on the Trails of Fate
Still thinking about her, the woman in my visions
My insanity my own superstition