How my brain tortures my heart from day-to-day
I wish my heart to pop out of my body and go away
Some say, Its better to love and get hurt then not to love at all
If I lived by that rule it would be my downfall
It would be like walking through a bed of thorny roses
I guess love is just full of pathetic poses
Id get scratched up and bleed all over
For a good long relationship I would need a four-leaf clover
Blood would drain down my face and make me blind
Love is just something good that I cannot find
So all I do is look around the Garden of Love
I see people happy together and gracefully flying doves
Red roses like the sunset and shining eyes turn to me
I get the lights glare in my eye
I turn and look at her lovely sight
Swear my heart flew higher than a kite
I began to walks toward her my heart began to beat louder
Then as I got to her, her eyes turned brown and she turned around
I walked away realizing she didnt love me
My heart must have shrunk to the size of a flea
I walked up to the Red roses and pulled out my lighter
Then I took a rose and lit it on fire
I dropped the rose on the ground and there it laid
There like my heart it decomposed and died