I look through my window,
And what did I see?
The eye of the night sky,
Staring down at me.
My nose twitch as I smell the night air,
Something strange,
I know is out there.

I know it's there,
And my skin crawls, tingles, itches<
Stretches, changes,
Scratching a cheek,
Feeling my whiskers.
Why do I have an urge,
To bay at the moon?

My fingers have grown long, talons and sharp.
Flicking, licking my jaws,
Of razor sharp teeth.
I taste the something,
That's strange out there.
My ears twitch,
My tail thumps,
I know the something strange is closer out there.

I sneer and growl,
At the smell and taste,
Of the something strange out there.
Howling at the lighted night sky,
My fur covered body crouching low,
The whole of my body ready and alert.
As I recognize the something,
Strange out there.
The something strange called   'man'