Shattered Hearts Chapter One Crack of the Whip

Charizma BlackBlade and Rocky Maltio had been friends since birth. They had played together all their life and had been through everything together. Rocky though cute and sweet was taken as a slave at age 7 and had lost his mother at age 5.His father had left him and his mother and escaped. But even through all of this Charizma was there for him so was her family. Every night she would sneak towards the bushes by his master's house and see him. But they had to be awfully quiet for if they got caught she didn't wanna know what would happen to him. One night thought however she snuck out at night feeling that something was awfully wrong. The small six year old snuck out of her window and heading quietly through the woods in her nightgown. Her long dark purple hairs in a single braid down her back. She walked on until she saw the light of the plantation. She could hear the sound of wiping and a low crying. That only made her quicken her steps she ducked down into the bushes and looked out horrified at what she saw. Rocky the little seven-year-old boy stood in the yard his master wiping him with the leather whip across his bare back. Every lash he took Charizma could feel the stinging pain. The tears swelled up in her eyes as she watched him get hit repeatedly, for what she did not know. But she wanted to yell stop for him to leave Rocky alone. But she knew if she was found it would only make it worse for him. The tears streamed down her face and she watched for what seemed like forever. Then finally the guff man stopped and pushed Rocky forward onto the ground and growled." Get up and go back tot he barn with the other" She watched as Rocky stood up weakly, but couldn't bare to watch he rest so she ran off through the woods.Charizma fell a number of ties tearing her gown and scratching her arms. Her back felt sore and stung badly the tears still falling down her face. She burst through the front door startling her parent's. They look mad at first for they thought she was in bed, but when they saw her tears and her scratches there anger faded into concern. Her father stood up and kneeled down next to her and he looked into her dark purple eyes that gleamed with tears. "What's wrong princess what happened?": He asked her as she began to shake. "It's Rocky": Was all she said and her father took her in his massive arms. But she immediately cried out in pain at the touch of his arms on her back. He looked down to her with more concern then ever. "What's wrong where are you hurt" Her mother got up and walked behind her and gasped in horror. The back of her pure white gown was covered in blood, her father carried her carefully up stairs and laid her on her side. Charisma's mother carefully removed the gown to reveal sever wounds on her back in different directions, that of whip marks. "Who did this to you hunny":Her mother asked in a tearful voice as her daughter sobbed softly. "There Rocky's, was her soft reply

Shattered Hearts Chapter Two Christmas Snow

Charizma sat up in her room on her bed; her diary sat in her lap as she looked out the window. She began to write in her diary. Dear Diary, It's Christmas today mother has given you to me. The snow has fallen like a white beautiful blanket on the ground. It glimmers softly in the dawning sun of the morning. The morning dove's cooing softly as their mate replies. The snow outside is so beautiful it makes you want to never step on it. To never get it dirty just to leave it perfect as it is. This Christmas was wonderful you should have seen Rocky's face. It was amazing; he thought it the world when father lit up the tree. Then his morning when he saw all the presents an the ones for him. His face was just all a glow. He had never had anything like it. For he had been a slave but now it is three years later and he is free. But that night of him being beaten still lives in me. The scars on my back proof of that night. Although he does not know of it, I do not plan to tell him and spoil his happiness. Since he has no parent's my mother and father have taken him in. He has always been part of this family and loved dearly. He is my playmate. He watches over me like a hawk as if at any moment I might brake. But I like him for that it shows just how much he care for me. Argh I must go now there is Rocky below my window stomping around ruining the beautiful snow and beckoning me out to play. With much love, Charizma headed for her closet and pulled on a sweater and her overalls before heading down stairs for her boots and things. Her mother looked at her from the kitchen as she laced her shoes. "Do you have your scarf?" She asked in her motherly way. "Yes mother I do" She replied "What about you gloves" "Yes" She answered in an agitated tone. Just then Rocky walked in as her mother asked. "How about thermal underwear "Rocky burst out laughing and Charizma's face turned red. "Mother!" "Oh I'm sorry sweetheart. I know. I know your nine now you can take care of yourself "Charizma nodded in approval and Rocky just laughed. She stood up and glared at him, as he took one look at her eyes he ran and bolted out the door. "Come back here Rocky Maltio I'm going to get you!" She yelled as she ran outside chasing after him her younger sister Shalyn racing after her. The two of them together tackled him to the snow covered ground and began to throw snowballs at him. The three of them laughing as hard as ever finally falling onto the backs and making snow angels. The day grew later and the sun began to dip below the horizon, the sun turning to a blinding orange. As mother called them into the house they headed in frozen and cold. Going up stairs to strip off the cold wet cloths and walking back down stairs to be greeted by hot chocolate. Taking there hot chocolate the three children went into the common room, father sitting in the big white chair by the fire. It cracking loudly every now and then against the logs. Charizma sat by the chair in front of him her head resting on his knee, while Rocky sat on one knee and Shalyn sat on the other. Mother sat on the couch working her cross-stitch as father began to read The Night before Christmas. "'T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. While momma in her kerchief and I in my cap had just settled down for a long winters nap" He began as the snow fell lightly out side once more. Sitting by the fire light in her white night gown, her long hair loose down her back. Charizma seemed like a Christmas angel in her own little ways as she listened to her father with wide-open eyes. As father went on with the story the children's eyelids grew heavier with sleep. Finally father was finished his two princesses fast asleep and his prince half-asleep on his shoulder. Mother stood up and took Shalyn for she was the youngest and lightest. Then father picked up Charizma and Rocky and the couple headed up stairs to their rooms. As father bent down to kiss Rocky on the forehead he smiled. For he loved all his children even though this one was not of his blood, but of his heart. He stood slowly and walked out of the room closing the door softly behind him. Soon Rocky's eye's fluttered open at the sound of his door opening again and watched to see Charizma standing at the foot of his bed her arms wrapped tight around her. "Are you asleep?" She asked in her innocent nine-year-old voice. Rocky sat up to look at her. "No why? Is something wrong" He said taking on his defensive tone. She shook her head no. "I just wanted to say good night and Marry Christmas" "Good night Charizma and Marry Christmas to you too" He said with a smiles. She left to turn and paused in the doorway her small hand on the bras doorknob. "And Rocky" "Yes?" "I love you," She said in a sisterly way. He didn't say anything and her heart fluttered afraid he did not love her as the brother he appeared to be. Before she shut the door he said her name softly and she turned to face him. "I love you too" He said a smile on his face before lying back down in his bed. Charizma smiled and shut the door.

Shattered Hearts Chapter Three New Found Love

Charizma ran around the kitchen helping her mother pack the picnic basket for their lunch out by the willow tree. The twelve-year-olds face stood out a glow as she began to pack cups and paper plates and things into the basket. Her mother stood at the counter making sandwiches and stuffing them into plastic baggies. Charizma hummed softly to herself as they finished packing and her father stood in the door leaning his massive shoulder against it's frame. He smiled as he listened to her hum and waited till she finished before he spoke up. "Won't you sing for us before we go to start our day off well" Her father asked smiling. "Sure" She said smiling as she headed into the common room. Rocky and Shalyn already seated on the couch. Her parent's soon joined them as she sat down onto the stool in front of the baby grand, which had been played since the first time she had gotten it. She loved to play and sing and her parent's adored in her talent. Charizma decided to play a song her mother had helped her compose and make lyrics to. She began to strum her fingers lightly over the pearly white keys and a beautiful melody drifted through the room. Her voice rang out her eyes closed. " As the morning dove begins to sing, she opens up her eyes. And thinks of all the wonderful things that has yet to come. Her eyes are soft with their glow as the angel starts her day. Looking down on those she love although they're far away. She can see them smile and see them laugh but her presence never fades. For in their hearts they know a way that she is watching them. As the clouds they part out from the sky and the rain begins to fall. The tears from heaven pouring down from there angel up above. She sings out with a flutter of the morning doves. Her tears of hope and of joy falling softly to the ground. For their angel is watching from the heavens purly gates. Her watchful eyes and protectiveness felt deeply in their hearts. Even though she is far away they know that she is close. Watching them and singing out the morning doves loving call for some day they know that they will be together once again" Charizma sings as she finishes the song the melody of the piano fading softly. She opens her eyes and the families sat out before her begin to clap. A smile on there faces but a glimpse of tears in their eyes for the sorrow of the song. Charizma's eyes locked onto Rocky's and she turned away suddenly blushing. That weird feeling in her heart and the fluttering of butterfly's in her stomach start up again. She has yet to figure out what the butterfly's in her stomach mean or the feeling in her heart. Charizma shut the cover over the key's still pondering over what had been happening over the last few days to her. She had yet to find out and shrugged her shoulders walking out to catch up to them. Charizma stood out in the middle of the large meadow in her shorts and white tank top her eyes fixed on Rocky. Who had his hands tucked in his pockets leaning back against the massive trunk of the willow tree. His Spanish eyes she knew gazing up into the beautiful blue sky. She felt that flutter again in her stomach and that feel in her heart she had puzzled over as they walked over. She could hear her younger sister and her mother laughing as they began to set up the picnic. And her father's line thinking into the creak as he fished. A small breeze blew a few pieces of loose strands that had escaped the two French braids at her head into her face. She brushed them away with her hand still pondering over these feelings. She had remembered what her mother had said, about the time she knew she was in love with him. The flutter of butterfly's in her stomach and the feeling in her heart every time she and seen him. Charizma wondered could it really be love. Could she be in love with her child hood playmate? She knew the answer for many days but never thought it possible till now. She was in love with Rocky and deeply too. She had to tell him soon, but she was afraid too that she knew. She didn't want to ruin their friendship, for if he did not feel the same she did not know how she would act. Her thoughts where interrupted by her mothers voice as she shouted. "Ok it's time to eat" Rocky stood up and walked towards the one he had called mother. Charizma soon joining him towards the blanket she had lain out. Their father finally came over sitting down on the blanket; they all joined hands and thanked god for the food and there health. Then every one dug in and ate and laughed all the while. Soon they finished and where off to do as the pleased. Rocky went back to the willow tree returning his gaze to the sky that some how fascinated him. Charizma sat down in the grass and watched him silently with her dark purple eyes. Her mother walked over to her and kneeled down next to her. "Go over there and join him I want to take a picture of you two" She said before standing up and heading to the willow tree. Charizma soon followed behind her and Rocky greeted her with his smile that sent her heart soaring. Rocky wrapped his arm around her waist and she placed hers around his back, as they posed for the photo. Her mother held the camera to her eyes. "Smiles" She said and as they did she flashed the picture and Rocky blinked his eyes several times. And Charizma and her mother began to laugh, her mother walked away shaking her head still smiling and laughing to herself. Charizma felt herself blush for they had not untwined from each other. The two parted and he stood away from the trunk not far from her and she leaned back against the willow tree. The sky had begun to turn starry and she looked up at the sky and pointed her finger to the brightest star. Which was the North Star and he followed her finger. "You see that star?" She said and he nodded his head. "If ever you're lost and can't find you way back to me. Remember that is my star and that it will lead you home to me" Charizma said softly, he smiled stepping close to her. For he did not know what his feelings he had begun to feel towards her where. She looked up into his Spanish eyes her's glowing softly. Her stomach doing flip-flops as he leaned his head down closer. She tilted her head slightly as his lips brushed against hers before her kissed her deeply. When they finally parted they where both out of breath and at the same time glanced to see that no one saw. They where both smiling and Charizma thought to herself. I do love him more then I thought possible. I have to tell him but tomorrow, I do not know how to put what it is I feel for him into words. Rocky took out a pocket knife he had gotten for Christmas and carved there name into the bark of the tree with a heart around it. He turned back to her smiling and gripped her hand in his and they headed back to her mother and father. And they headed home that way though no one was suspicious of there hand holding for they had did it a lot as kids and even now. But they did not know the feelings they felt for one another her's some what in ways stronger then his. That night Charizma lay in her bed deciding she was definitely in love. That she would tell him first thing in the morning. She only hoped he felt the same for her. But after what happened beneath the willow tree why wouldn't he. She feel asleep drifting into her own fantasy dreams a smile on her lips.

Shattered Hearts chapter 4 Sad

Charizma awoke stretching lazily on her bed a smile on her face, having just awaken from the best dream of her life. Remembering what it was she had to tell Rocky she bolted out of bed and headed for the door but stopped as she glimpsed herself in the full body mirror. What she saw made her grimace I can't go to him like this she thought as she saw the sleep tankled hair and the wrinkles in her white gown. Giddily she went to her closet to retrieve a pale blue skirt and a white tank top pulling them on quickly. With a few curses she finally managed to remove the tangles from her hair. With on last look into the mirror she headed out the door and for Rocky's room. Not wanting to be rude and burst in she knocked quietly on his door, but there was no answer. Finding that rather odd considering her never slept past dawm she knocked again a bit louder, but still no answer came. Finally she opened the door slowly only to find his bed empty except for a piece of paper on his neatly made bed. She picked up the paper and knowing Rocky hadn't been able to read or write but they had taught him to do so but no by much. But it was enough for him to write this short letter she held in her hands. She read it again and again unable to believe what she saw he had left with out any explination.The tears filled her bright blue eyes before falling silently yet painful down her cheeks. She loved him with all her heart and never got a chance to tell him and probably never would. A tear fell onto the letter smearing his name with her tears, finally she fell over run the bed griping his pillow tightly to her. She cried with all that of a broken heart and the missing of her child hood playmate.Charizma tried her hardest to think of the good times they had together and all the times they had gotten in trouble but it only brought more sadness apron her, knowing she would miss him so. She watched as the sun finally lowered over the horizon after many hours of crying, finally fully exhausted she fell asleep apron her pillow. Down stars Lil and Ray BlackBlade worried about there daughter and Rocky both having not come down all day not even when they called for supper." Ray I'm worried about the kids I think we should go check up on them" Ray griped his wife's hand and nodded taking a look at there other sleeping child on the couch. Finally the two made there way upstairs and into charizma's room but she was no where to be found.Panick welled up inside her as they headed to Rockys room when they entered they saw there daughter huddled crying in her sleep atop his bed but rocky no where in site. Catching a glimpse of the white paper in his daughters hand he gently took it from her and read it his face falling down as he felt the heaviness on his heart. "What is it Ray let me see"Reluctintly he handed the piece of paper to her and she read it quietly aloud her face paling as she went along. Dear Charizma and family, I have gone and I'm not sure where I am going to when i wil return.I lvoe you al very much more then soem of you know.Thank you forevery thing Rocky. lil bit down on her lip to stop the sob that rocked her body, her husband came to her side and put a reassuring arm around her." It will all be alright sweetheart, may god be with our son" Ray said leading his weeping wife from the room.Lil felt her heart breaking not just because he was gone but for her daughter. She saw no just a girl who lost her childhood playmate but also the boy she loved, they thought no one had seen what happened under the willow tree but they where wrong they saw it all. Silently they headed down stairs and Ray gathered Shayln into his arms and took her to her room Lil fallowed behind her.He headed to bed but before she could she looked in on her daughter a tear slipping down her cheek.There was so much she needed to know and she already carryed so much on her little shoulders.But there was much mroe to come maybe even more then she could imagine.Perhaps she could just leave a note in The Book Of Shadows to explain it all when she found it,but maybe she should tell her soon before more disaster struck.Lil didn't know what to do but for now she would let her daughter greeave over her loss and prayed it would all be ok.Finally she shut the door and headed into he rroom to lay beside her husband all her thoughts jumbled in her mind.But finally sleep over came her as her own mothers name breathed liek a sigh on her lips.