Feel the fire feel feel it burn and the steam it creates only helps the surge, a definite urge; To reach its final purge All silence and nothing to be heard


This is the grand finale, the gateway to sanity resumes here
Or does it?

Below are portals into someone else's confession of expression;
A never ending insanity far beyond what is now explanatory 


The Keep

Found of roleplaying? Want to loose yourself in a completely fantasy based world then above's your hit.


Devils Hound - Just when you thought the insanity was over, you find this link. Pages more of creative talent, drawings within his gallery; comments welcome. Featured also is (  - - - ); taking the English stand.

Cassandra Apponte

There's something about her name that I just purely love; her arts no different, they both are fantastic; I'm proud to say I even know that girl! Cas


Starved Art

Or is it Starved Attention? I never figured that one out; but she's lovely our Britt. Starved art the name of the game, ready to fill your hungry brains till you reach plane of the insane.