(Iím)    Laying on a rock by the river

            Suffering in pain all throught out

            Watching the river turn blood red

            Reminded of you

            Wondering why you must mutalate yourself

            Watching the river begin to overflow

            Seeing visions of you doing it over and over again

            Looking at you popping those pills

            Covered by the river

            Seeing you vomit a lot just to flush yourself out

            Stuck in the river of the bloods

            Stuck with no one else

            Stuck in this evil, wretched web of your suffering

            Tired of being here and now

            Just reaching for my knife to cut down this vile web

            Free from you troubles

            Free from your pain

            Free from your forcing suffering on me

            Just going to leave with knife behind for you

            Just not going to care anymore

            Not going to be here for you when you try to rip away.