I am here,  there , and almost everywhere
But most just do not seem to care
My life a scrambled language in which no one translates
Any events in life I seem to relax and await
Yet the good and bad that comes out I can not debate
My situations always seem to be me and my fate
Roads diverged north, south, east, and west
I know not which to pick is the best
Stay here and enjoy the desserts of the earth
Where I die and await my rebirth
Metals of destruction in the west along with its war
Walking the path there seeing blood, guts, and gore
Water of the north and mostly its peace and prosperity
But I would be an outcast from their sincerity
Woods of the east and its curiosity looms before my very eyes
Lovely area but not like me more like the sunrise
Ah the fires of the south it burns blue and hot
Yes this is the spot
You burn like my heart and push away the nurturers
I think I have found the way, yes this small searcher
I turn to the south and head to the fires that scorch my soul
Each problem burns within me like throwing in a small coal
The fire blares within myself and forces me to go wildly insane
Only love could force upon me so much agony and pain