Rocky stood beside the lake, which he had been told about. He swiftly removed his jacket, laying it on the tilt of the hill. He bends forwards slowly, unlacing his boots, and places them on either arm of the jacket as it laid spread out. He stood slowly…patting his body and clothes just to make sure he wasn’t taking anything to heavy. He closes his eyes as he turns back to the lake “Permita manos de que muertes me evitan, y mío” With the ending of that, he opened his eyes…his legs forcing him from the hill, into a leaping dive, penetrating through the water, the water curling, folding and brought up around the entrance point. His arms sliding through the water, the density and pressure increasing as he sinks to the depth of the lake, hoping he’d find it though breathing wasn’t a Necessarily to him. Slowly through the blurry waters the lake turns through into a large underground cavern, a glimmer of hope ran out through his eyes. He made his way, fighting the under current to get to it, then on beating the current he slips through the cavern. He perched on the side pulling his soaking body from the water, knocking his wet hair from his eyes, blinking to remove water from the front of his eyes also, before following into a shake. He was disturbed by the sound of singing; a slow brow rose into a curious manner as he glanced around. The River Styx flowed out before him.
He stood briefly the water dripping from his clothes; he remembered what was told to him as he glanced around. Styx was a dirty river. Although the river flowed around the underworld. Hermes would then leave, and the souls would be in charge of the ferryman Charon. The ferryman Charon was very greedy. All he wanted was money. If the dead souls had money to pay for a fair, Charon would let them cross the Styx. Those who did not have money would have to search for the pauper's entrance to Hades. He dug his hand slowly into his pocket revealing he had no money, all he could do was try, and he had greater problems ahead, how hard could Charon be? Charon was appallingly filthy, with eyes like jets of fire, a bush of unkempt beard upon his chin, and a dirty cloak hanging from his shoulders. He slide his hand from his pocket walking towards the singing Charon, his voice strong confident the complete opposite of how he was feeling, “I need to get across the river” Rocky called, though Charon continued singing to himself, swaying slightly, “I said…!”
Charon interrupted him, turning to Rocky “I heard already, be quiet damn dead people, always want me to rush everything I do for them” he re-adjusted his seat on the boat “Its not like they’re in any rush to get anywhere, they’re dead anyway.”
Rocky hesitantly interrupted, as he stepped closer and forwards “I’m not dead.”
Charon blinked fairly hard, looking to Rocky “Your what?” He proceeded mumble about them letting anyone in now days, then he returned to speaking level “And what can I do for you?”
Rocky raised his hand rather in flicking motion across the River Styx “I need to get onto the other side”
Charon profoundly shook his head “No no no I wont allow you to do that. Hades wont be happy with me” Charon
proceeded to mimic Hades voice "
Dead souls go, Live souls stay...Simple"
Rocky rather half-heartedly sighed; he knew the only other way was the Paupers’ Entrance. . . Rocky re-gathered his thoughts together, “Look, I need to get over the river, to speak with Hades.”
Charon pauses a slight deadening glance, coughing splutters around… “No no, Cant do that neither" Rocky raised his head once more.... in a rather brief and vague glance a face of dismal but not in the slightest put off....

Rocky’s gaze halted around the area, dark dismal, the place was rather always with him, haunting him, lingering with an unforgettable feeling. He was in turmoil with his feelings… the underworld, the under world of his feelings regain control, he know what he had to do…just not how to do it. The gaze of Rocky’s settled over Charon, a deeper glance, his eye a lining over the white beard that hung from the chin of Charon, noticing more details, like his eyes, partly hidden by the cloak yet intensely blazing. A morose and grisly old man, his age fairly evident and the smell, the smell of dead souls lingered over him like flies around dirty spaces. Charon turned rather abruptly roughness growing in his voice with the continuing persistence of Rocky, “Are you going to stand there all day?! And what you looking at? Never seen a Ferry Man before?” He rolls off into mumbles as he turns his back on Rocky.
The light cries of souls swirl around the edges to Rocky, a fine mist carried the voices through, voices of dead souls that had never been put to rest, those that had not been buried doomed to live, pass exist there for a 100 years. Rocky got lost in thought for a moment, the mumblings of Charon passing lightly over him, yet not heard, turning his gaze to the back of Charon. “On my return you will receive 1000 gold as I pass back through here.”
Charon turned rather instantly fast quick movements for such a frail old man, his blazing eyes having a greedy glint to them as he raises his cloaked hands, the cuffs dragging lightly adding to his darkened figure “1000 gold did you say? “ Rocky nodded his thoughts running over to where in Gods Hell could he get this gold from. God's hell being right…he was in hell, the underworld hell……… Charon face almost light up with a grin, intense and strong he climbed onto his boat, motioning eagerly for Rocky to follow.. ”Come, come … we have to make me some money, now tell me… What is your name?” Charon, with the wording payment of Rocky changed completely…he was happier…friendlier look to him, and more soft toning in his voice.

The swiftness of the paddle scraping, brushing the waters, adding force to the boat and propelling it forwards, silence now arose on the boat. Rocky’s eyes just seemingly drifted across the churning water, his eyes tuned into the screaming souls...haunted noises and God only knows what wasn't as he had expected....but he knew he was only at the very beginning much more was to come...Rocky was hopelessly falling into thoughts , thoughts of doubt, what if this, what if that. He sighed, as he positioned his head more to rest in his hand....closing his eyes. Charon occasionally looked across to Rocky but nothing more was interacted between then verbally until they reached the other side. The boat bucked the side of the cemented top, path, cutting abruptly short. Charon looked at Rocky motioning swiftly with his hand to the land..."There you go, what you want, now don't go blaming me when Hades doesn't let you out, and you’re stuck down here. I... I have had nothing to do with this.." He shook his head then sat back down on the beam running the width of the boat passing back into his usual mumbling... Rocky paused listening over Charon, then nodded a brief smile...and turn to climb out up from the boat, landing fairly crouched...he look back to Charon, who instantly raised his head..."And you better have your money sorted out, otherwise there won’t be noooooo coming back either!"
Rocky nodded once more a smirk played out over his lips, then slowly stood, brushing himself and his clothes down slowly....his gaze drawing up from himself to the area before him, slowly creeping gaze....revealing the tall strong, heavy built gates to Hades, a full glorious smile beat over his face..."Hades.." He mumbles out in a whispery voice. He tilted his head, his gaze more searching. He knew of a dog like creature guarding the gates yet he...or she was no where to be soon, perhaps it was his luck the creature was feeding on some other poor innocent fool....maybe hiding....maybe he'd died or something...or just a myth... Rocky shook his head free from his thoughts gathering enough courage, he took a step forwards. His foot steps continuing until he was meters before the gates, literally...The early silence placed out, as if a gust of sharp wind soared passed him...causing his head to turn in the direction it went....shadows creeping, as if moving. His gaze torn over every slight movement adding the tension to his feelings, the faint singing of Charon in the background dying out as you can hear his boat paddle
slicing the icy waters. A faint drawing of footsteps; Rocky's body feet turn to face the direction of the sound....silence a painful screaming silence broke out once more. Rocky turns often in several directions...The feeling of someone's out there.. somewhere...but where...and who...was it the dog like creature? Hades playing mind games on Rocky... He sighed...breaking the he took a step backwards, "We going to play like this all day or am I just gonna ignore you?" The same painful silence continued...a faint groan rolling over the area...sent a hair raising shiver down Rocky's spine, though his look expression standing strong, he nodded fairly slowly into nothing.. "Hmm.....thought so."