My  Enemy Myself

...Who is this girl,
What's in her head?
These Actions are not her intentions
She didn't say what she should have said.
Should they brand her,
Shove her nature in her face?
Or should we just give her what she really needs,
Her mothers warm embrace

In my mind there lies a stranger.
A piece of me grieving,

A piece of me screaming.
Cut this disguise from me which bounds my soul.

Let my heart feel happy, let my heart feel whole.
What are mistakes to others, is my self-mutilation,
I hurt myself by destroying my reputation.
Destroying my confidence, causing me to feel insecure.
Why don't I quit, what's the problem here?
If I knew how to change I would

The shame is driving my soul insane.
Its not fun to be alone, it's not easy being used.