though what can I say you guys miss out on the music by my own hand DJ J'dy; well J'dy at least, but don't worry don't fear they'll be a place you can download them with other various underground mp3; that's if I ever get any.
The only thing changed here is the layout instead of having a framed musical page you have one page without the tint of music, much of the design aspect of this Lite version is still under progression so until it's finished you have my apologies I was just aware that so many people couldn't reach the site, and with that in mind I'm not about to discriminate anyone.
Confession Expression.


Sanity's Escape
Where you can escape from out site, several links to escape .


Where you can write to your hearts content, expression your thoughts idea's and reflections.
Creative Writing
Any type style of writing welcomed and appreciated, ranging from short stories to full blown novels (some day) to even simple character description
The gallery where all our showcase pictures are stored, slip in and have a look around.


Profiles of Artists
Interested on who we have on here? 
Several contributors have a profile
situated here; a place to learn
About someone new.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You may have the lighter version of the website but that doesn't discriminate you in anyway, you have access to the site's content still, including our guest book, in which we invite you to visit here Guest Book and sign at your hearts content.