Name :  
Jamie B
Date of birth

September 27th 1984

Place of origin

Inspiration : 

~Long pause in thought~ Life; and the people around me
Favourite Artists/authorís : 

Favourite artist would be Enim3m, Favourite writer would you believe I have one? Well I do Lorenzo Carcaterra best
selling author of Sleepers; his novel 'Ganster' has to be a must for all.
Favourite Music : 

Rap, R'n'B, Hip Hop, Rock, Dance; why don't I just say everything?
Colour that best suits you : 
Specialty :
I'd say none; but that's me 
Current projects : 
Revamping this site; getting it off the ground for 'real', intended to be a more 'classy' suave look; do you think I've succeeded?
I've got another site more destined for my role-play character Rocky Maltio. Beyond that I'm trying to learn/improve my CG's. Paintings difficult for me traditional wise its not any better computer wise. Writing is an ongoing project for me, I've got back into the flow totally and I'm actually enjoying it.

Special thanks

Well thanks goes to everyone who knows me; talks to me.
Oh, and thanks Steph for you know what ( ;