When I felt the wind
I tried to fly,
But my wings were broken,
Shattered like glass.
Like a million black diamonds
They lay glimmering on the earth before me.
I fall to my knees,
The glass cuts my skin
And I am laid out before me,
To see myself picking up
The individual shards.
My hands bleed from the scathing edges
And slowly you turned your back.
I strain to hold all the ruptured pieces in my hands,
Each black shard
Reflects a different part of my life.
Tears stain my cheeks
And as hope arises once more,
From the bottomless pit of my mind,
All the black luster gathered
Within my torrid hands
Turns to dust
And slips through my fingers
Into the wind,
Where for a moment
It takes the shape of two ominous,
Ebon wings.
And as I stare helplessly at the scene
With beckoning eyes,
My head is crowned with the apparition
Of a jagged halo