Getting out, Breaking Free

Everyone around me thinks I'm so quiet,
That I'm just sweet and shy.
They always have this misconception,
All I wanna know is why?

  Don't wanna be thought of as that,
As a sweet, innocent little girl.
I wanna break out of this false image,
I wanna get out of my false world.


How can I get out?

I don't wanna be this way, anymore.

Is this what my life is all about?

I just can't figure it out.

How can I get to where I wanna be?

I wanna break myself free.


I don't wanna be always thought of
As this quiet, good little influence.
I don't wanna be every mother's dream.
I can't stand be thought of as a little kid.
Why can't people just take the time to see
I'm not really what I seem?


  Just because I'm a smart person
Doesn't mean I should always be nice.
I'm not as sweet
As you think
I can have a heart of ice.


 Chorus 2x

  So let go of what you thought before
That's not who I wanna be.
So quit treating me the way you used to,
And let me be just…me.