My life is strange,
Full of surprises and things to do.
But there is a veil,
A black veil
Drawn if front of my eyes
That keeps me from seeing
The light of my life.
Sometimes that veil is removed
And my eyes blaze of happiness.
Though I am not happy.
I might smile,
But I cry inside.
Will it ever change?
Or will this outside force
Always have me in its grip?
Will I be released one day?
To live the life I always wanted?
No more darkness.
I want to smile and really smile,
I want to laugh and laugh inside as well as out.
But I canít as long as Iím on a chain I am not able to break.
I havenít the strength.
Sometimes I seem to slip away
Into another dimension
Where my dreams and my fantasy rule my world.
I am free there,
But at the same time am captured in a surreal world.
What is reality?
I donít know,
I have no clue.
Is reality insanity?
Or is it the world of a sane human being?
If this is reality,
Then can something else be real?
Is there a sphere, another world?
That is not real?
A man made world maybe?
Yes, Iím sure there is.
But this world that we call real
Is also surreal.
How can that be?
Is reality a game?
That you mind plays with you,
Or images that are put into your brain
To confuse your senses.
But if that is so then what does reality look like?
I keep wondering as I dream