Chapter I -  El Camino Del Destino - If we quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.  --Winston Churchill

The wind rustled with a slick shuffle through the vicinities plantation, flurrying through with a low intensity, the winter green blades of grass flicker forward’s bending to the current and finally succumbing to the winds weight. The small creatures within the maze of inexhaustible tall strands of grass oblivious to their surrounds fate.  A section from the wall of the sleekly elevated grass wavered coming forth slender graceful long front legs; ornamented with colour-ful spines, ritualized dance of complicated steps and jerks infiltrated each stand of grass, not before long the Araneae emerged in the line of sight. The sunshine thinly glinted, sparkled as the moisture held in droplet formation atop of the hirsute spider’s back had captured the rays. A silhouette of darkness materialized beside the creature, the slender legs instantaneously tensed recoiling the slightest brought to a standstill in silence. The silhouette shrunk in a matter of seconds. Attached to fates darkness, the exultant standing features of grass fell, enduring what they could of the fate, brought to buckle, finally an apprehensive bow to the immense pressure of weight. Elasticity of the half fallen grass, provoked the upward skirmish around the boot, a futile attempt to encage the boot; engineered into living organisms is the will to survive.

The sole of the boot stopped flat against the collapsed grass, mud curled up over the rim of the dilapidated boot, harsh flecks of the dried soiled chocolate mud had reached the leather of the boot, tainting the surface texture. Draping slack over the leather of the boot, surrounded by affluent cotton material proceeding into creases along the fabric full length of the leg. The black trousers leg tautens as the material covered up to the waist around the hip area, holding to a deeper depth of confinement around the waist by a thin black belt.  Black cotton stretched from the inside angle of the belt, heaved diminutively upwards taking a gradient bow over the belt before the direction of path was reconfigured folding back on itself to follow the normal pattern of direction. The shirt held smaller quantity of creases the material took a smooth formation, buttoned with an intense delicately, flecks of the suns illumination reflected on these black round plastic buttons adding a glossy appeal to the usual dreary surface texture. A few buttons below the official ending the clothing’s sides separated, permitting the undemanding white round neck of a shirt appears to the line of sight.  Following two diverse paths to the same destination the shirt sides ever stand intact, together taking different leads down from the lapel, each side of material a downwards flop onto the body of the shirt. An indentation to the right material of the shirt came from the chin; rested within touch from a tilted diagonally left angle.

The chin was the foundation point of outlining the face; two separated flat lines became the markings for the face, the space between details came, the flesh a youthful smoothness layering the flesh creating the facial expressions. The puerile lips curved upwards twisting to a smile; illuminating a juvenile glow over his features; his eyes approved the intensifying of his gaze deepening the profundity of the eyes blue iris, insignificant emaciated strands of hair descended over the forehead; an effortless victim to the winds flow.