They were the dragons of Kazan, the last remaining ones, ancestors of the Ancient Ones. Once, the dragons were worshipped and idolized but those days were long gone… and they had to flee for their lives, taking shelter in the little hide away. But dragons needed freedom; space and the mountains didn’t content them. They roamed over every inch of the Kaman… making the whole place feared by humans, for it was known that the dragons hated humans. Venting their wrath on any who came close. Slowly, they died… pining for the open spaces and good hunt they use to love. Until… until… there were very few left. The younger ones, the ones who grew up in the Kaman Valley. But… as the dragons became more secluded dragon magic began to fade from the world. It wasn’t noticed right away, just little things, the lack of dragonflies that were rumored to have a connection with dragons. Then the lackluster birds…. they were kin to the dragons, so the legend goes. As years passed they became more birdish, losing their dragonish traits; refusing to acknowledge humans almost completely. Only in the Dragon Valley as it was now called did those things still thrive… feeding and living off the magic of the dragon jewel…
The dragon jewel was rather large, and tear-shaped. Made of crystal, it pulsed and shone with a light of it’s own. It was a mystery to everything and everyone but the dragons. No one but them knew how it came into existence or why it did. It was created by the first dragon ever on Kazan. As dragon tales go, which are mostly corrected the dragon, Gold Flame cried for many days when her true love had died by human hands. All the tears she had shed pooled at her feet and as days went by the tears slowly hardened to a large teardrop. When Gold Flame had noticed this and thought over that she had no more reason to be on this world she stored all her magic into it. She knew she wasn’t need any longer… the dragons thrived without her… but with this last enchantment they wouldn’t be able to live without her. And from then on the dragons thrived and gained their magic from that jewel. Until the day the jewel disappeared………
It was the last day of winter, the first day of spring and what a lovely day it was. Five large dragons lumbered out of a cave and into the clearing; blowing smoke contently and twisting their heads, looking around. Nothing seemed to have changed since the last time they were out about a month ago. It had been an odd winter this year. Scarce hunting and ice that wouldn’t melt even with dragon fire made most of them lean and a few died. They mourned the lose of their friends and family but it was a new year, a time of new beginnings. The eldest dragon, a large azure-coloured one with chipped back ridges stood in the middle of the clearing, peering uneasily into the large pool of water… the watching pool.
"Flyrn, " a dark crimson-coloured dragon moved over. Gold-flecked eyes peered under his shoulder into the pool, cocking her head to look back up at him.
Flyrn shifted, staring down at the smaller dragon beside him. "Firestar… is there something you need? " He chuckled softly. This young one was just hitting adulthood and still as curious as she was when she was born. A favourite among the elders, for though Firestar was curious, she was also cautious and not as reckless as the other youngsters. She was the only one of her age, stuck in the middle of the adults and the babies.
Firestar shook her head briefly, still watching him. "No… you look a bit disturbed. And on such a wonderful day too…"
Flyrn smiled thinly, "The watching pool is dark…" He trailed, glancing up as the 6 other adults gathered around, whispering.
"This had never happened before, " a green female spoke up, glancing at her kyn. "The Dragon Jewel keeps the pool clear… did something happen to it? " She flicked her tail worriedly.
"Nester, " another dark blue male soothed. "I’m sure that’s not the reason. Perhaps someone had better go see though. "
"Perhaps we should all see! " Nester added and the other dragons nodded in agreement. Flyrn sighed, his head dropping.
"Yes, we should. I am afraid to know though. I am worried that something has happened to it. Nothing like this has ever occurred before……. "
They bobbed in agreement, turning to leave. Firestar trotted after them, wanting to see what happened. A female, Flamea turned on her, growling softly. "You stay here. It isn’t safe for a young dragon. " Firestar stopped in her tracks, staring and turned away, miffed.
Flyrn turned his head, green eyes glittering. "Let her come Flamea. She is old enough now. "
"But someone needs to stay here and take care of the draclings, " Flamea protested, now glaring at Flyrn, smoke streaming out of her nose.
Flyrn stamped his foot, tail flipping. "Then you stay here, Flamea. And watch the draclings. "
She snapped, her neck curling and a look of disgust in her eyes. "You coddle the young one too much, Flyrn. "
"She is our future, " Flyrn said calmly. Flamea gave him another disgusted look, blocking him out of her mind and turned back to the clearing. Flyrn shook his head, swinging around to look at Firestar. "Come. We must hurry. " Firestar nodded, joining the others.
They moved fast, and that made an odd sight. No one would think that such huge creatures could move so swiftly on foot. None flew… it was too dangerous for them to be seen, especially with the watching pool dark and all were unsure when it came to the jewel. It didn’t take them long to arrive at the nook. It was between two mountains, tightly fitting and only one full-grown dragon could squeeze through…. if they were lucky. Flyrn decided to go. It was a long twisting path to the Jewel’s pedestal with many branches off to other parts of the mountains, designed to confuse and lose a creature not meant to be there.
As Flyrn started to the entrance he stopped suddenly, glancing at Firestar. "Come Firestar. You come with."
Firestar started, blowing a small lick of flame out uneasily. "Me…? But why? " The older dragons murmured amongst themselves, looking at each other. Firestar tried to block out their talkings, but found it hard to without becoming dizzy. She was still too young yet.
Flyrn shifted impatiently. "Don’t ask questions when you’re ahead, young one. Just come. " Firestar bobbed her head, meekly and trailed after Flyrn. They twisted and turned through the passage and many times Firestar misjudged a turn, scraping a wing or elbow. It didn’t hurt her hide very much, but her wings were still frail and delicate. Eventually they made their way to the hidden niche.
The niche, better known as Dragon Jewel Clearing was green, but heaps of snow still stood in the shadows of the mountains. In the middle a large gold pedestal stood in the middle. It was unadorned completely except for the small indent in the middle. That was where the egg sat but much to Flyrn’s surprise and Firestar’s horror nothing sat there. Flyrn hurried over, snuffling around the base and over it. There was nothing… He flamed into the sky angrily and Firestar backed away. He turned towards her, eyes glowing like embers. "GO! " His voice ripped through her mind. "I SAID GO NOW!!! "
With an eep, Firestar whirled around and took off running back through the passage. She ran into the sides, cutting the soft underside of her belly often. Tumbling out of the entrance she lay on her side panting. The others gathered around her, nudging her with their snouts. "Firestar…" a dark green one breathed. "What happened?? "
"It’s gone, " Firestar whimpered. "Gone…. gone…"
The others shifted nervously around her, whispering. "Gone… gone….. Gone…. gone…….. " Echoed through the crowd over and over.

The Dragon Jewel was gone…….