Darkness covers the lips that speak so softly the words of affection,
Giving way considerably, to the pure resonance of voice.
Dreams are broad of amorous things tonight,
And lifted may be the lightest curse.
Tell me, of the joyful things that fill this night,
Setting rippled hums in the compartments of thy heart.
Chased are the apparitions of you, elusive is a joy restrained,
Destiny I occur to you, pallid in the deepest traces of dark.
Only touch in the softness of the destination is desired;
Only warmth against thy lips to touch the tender destination of adoration.
Give declaration to the heart that longs only for yours,
Move evenly to this ardor presented to you.
Tell me of your heart so that I may recognize,
The kisses that now charge my blushing lips may endure for perpetuity, as arms preserve every moment after.