Name: Craig ďSticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite meĒ Morgan
Date of birth: Wait, that means when I was born right?
Place of origin: Originally my Mummyís tummy, but Iíll settle for Warrington
Inspiration : Anything and everything, normally emotions
Favourite artists/Authors: Akira Toriyama, CLAMP, Ben Dunn, ME!!!! (All artists although Iím a self professed author too) Tolkein, Pratchett, Iris Murdoch, J.K. Rowling
Favourite Music: J-Rock (MALICE MIZER RUUUUUUULE!!!!!) And Metal of most varieties (Except that crappy excuse, Limp Bizkit)
Colour that best suits me : Pink with yellow spots, Dark, blood red, or just pure black
Speciality: Thatís a bit of a personal question isnít it lol, Iíd say my ability to see the bright side of everything and also pull lyrics from nothing, also my habit of doodling during important lessons  ,,\/, ^.^ PEACE OUT!!!!!!!