“The last time I saw my mother was fifteen years ago.” She mumbled quietly to Corran shifting against the cliffs, the raindrops dripping from her long silver hair
 “Why is that?” Corran asked as he shifts with her moving the umbrella to cover them both, shooting them into deeper shadows among the cliffs.
“I can’t remember like most things. She is the last thing I remember and is never far form my mind.” She sighs and turns to look at him her eyes gleaming in the dark. “I remember the way she looked, her long hair so like mine bound back in a single braid. The way her eyes would seem to glow with her own happiness looking like a bright summer sky. But most of all I remember the way she smelled. Like fresh lavender after a spring rain.” She glances down to the ground her fingers brushing over the small wisp of silver wrapped around her wrist. “This is the only thing I have left of her now. The only thing that can tell me anything of my past.” Corran listens silently his own eyes lowering to the small silver band wrapped around Eden’s slender wrist.
“Do you remember nothing of your family? Of your name or where you came from?” Eden shakes her head and staring silently at the bracelet, her fingers grazing over the ancient etchings within the soft silver.
No nothing. Just what I told you about my mother and the fact that she gave me this. This name that you call me, Eden, was given to me by the last people that found me. I can’t even remember my age, but the doctors they took me to presumed that I must be around 16, though there is always a chance that I might be older or younger.”  She shakes her head slightly looking up into his eyes gesturing towards her head. “There is nothing there. Just many blanks and a blackness that seems to shroud over everything and anything that I learn. The odd thing though is that I remember you.” She tilts her head watching him curiously. “I usually have forgotten a person by now. They always fade from my memory, but you’re still there.” Corran smiles slightly, not a kind smile though one of disbelief and wariness.
“It is most likely because I see you every day. I find you wondering through woods, or hanging from sharp cliffs. I doubt there is anymore to it than that.” Eden watches him silently, her eyes narrowed and searching him as he speaks. A strained silence seems to spread between them until she nods and looks away.
“As you wish.” She turns and steps from under the umbrella tilting her face to the sky as the rain pours down upon her, drenching her to the bone. “Always as they wish.” She whispers as she moves swiftly across the cliff top the harsh wind carrying her whispered words back to Corran’s ears.
“Not everything is as we wish. When its you that we talk about the last choice remains to be yours.” Eden laughs, though it is a hallow sound echoing off the many cliffs and rocks surrounding them.
 “Believe what you wish dear Corran, but in life the last choice is never your own.” Eden dances on nimble feet through the rain disappearing into the deepening fog shrouding the cliff top till she disappears from sight. Corran frowns watching her a faint sigh escaping him.
“Eden?” He calls to the deepening fog, walking towards the spot the dancing girl had disappeared. A faint frown creases his brow, as he gets no answer. “Eden?” He calls again this time a little louder, but the only answer is his own echo and the soft pitter pattering of the rain upon the rocks. He sighs again accepting that she had disappeared again like the many times before. Corran turns and walks away from the thickening fog towards the grouping of tress that line the path leading to the nearby pub mumbling faintly under his breathe. “Life is as you choose dear Eden. Choices are always to be made by you.” As he walks away slowly disappearing down the path a pair of gleaming hazel eyes watch from a nearby cliff.